Right before this major storm is going to hit the Delaware River we got out there extra earlier 5:30 am and caught some really nice bass up to 4 lbs, walleyes, catfish and striped bass. Adam took his Girlfriend Wan out fishing, Wan had never caught a fish until today. She landed over 10 Small-mouth bass, 2 walleyes, 5 striped bass, and a catfish. That is what we call a Delaware River Grand Slam! Adam, end up with about 9 bass for the day, so over 20 fish in a four hour trip with one rookie is not a bad day!

Over the last few days the fishing has been really good for big fish, landing 14 fish over 3-4 lbs. The dirty water has made it a little bite tougher to get numbers but the fish are there and if you work for them you will be rewarded. I fished yesterday by myself for fun or rather something to do on my Birthday and caught well over 29 fish and could have really laid into them if I wasn't relaxing.

Anyways here's the Pictures half of the people will only care about the Stripers but Small-mouth fight 20 times better than a striped bass ever could.
Delaware River Smallmouth bass couple

Delaware River Smallmouth Bass

Big Delaware River Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth and Stripers

Delaware River Smallmouth Bass