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Spring stripers 2020

posted Jun 7, 2020, 5:25 PM by Karl Hoelper   [ updated Jun 7, 2020, 6:10 PM ]
Well 2020 so far has been full of events and surprises. Lockdown, riots, cold ass spring weather and very windy. February was very warm but March and April proved to very cold. The stripers entered the Delaware River late March and stay in the south river for most of April into the beginning of May. We got some fish pushing up but not the a large bulk of fish. The south had many 40-50 pound fish this year. Probably one of the best years, maybe because they all stayed in one area or maybe because the massive influx of people fishing from the stay at home orders. Fishing on the boat, trying to stay 6 feet away and wearing face masks make it difficult to interact with people, hard to work the pit, hard to do just about everything. 

Once the water warmed up in May the fish came up in broken schools pushed up with the herring schools. The striped bass schools never really hung out for long. One would come up and keep moving, followed by the second, third, fourth and so on... schools. Typically in May the first school that would go up the river would start to drop back. So you would have two or three schools at once in a given location. That never happened. In fact the big bulk of fish are still in the river to the north, which most will still need to come back south. 

The American shad were load in the deep water all of April but very hard to get them to hit in sub 50 degree water. We went in to May with 48 degree water. That has NEVER happened to my recollection. 

End of May into the June as I have been saying for 6 years has been the ticket if you want the best chances to catch fish. 

We caught over 323 stripers in this years season, down almost 300 fish from last year. I still have a week or to to push the numbers up but that won’t be easy. 

I’m booked until beginning of July. Email me if you want to smallmouth fish.