Delaware River Fishing Report

Delaware River Fishing Report for Striped bass aka Stripers, American Shad, Smallmouth Bass, Flatheads Catfish, Snakeheads and other Species. We report specifically on the Philadelphia Bucks County, Mercer County, Hunterdon Country areas. We provide guided fishing trips on the Delaware river.

The 2021 season on the Delaware River is looking to shape up as one the classic years. We have already passed the coldest week of the year and it stayed in the 40's. Still a long winter ahead of us in the Delaware River Valley but all signs are pointing to an early start this year.

Here's what my fishing season on the Delaware River will look.

  1. American shad will be the first target on the list for trips, this will start in March with peak action in April. I will be personally hunting 40-50 lbs stripers during this time for fun since its a one bite in 200 cast type of game.

  2. Striped Bass or AKA stripers will be the second fish on the list for guided trips on the Delaware river. By April 1st there should be a fair amount of stripers around, by mid-April we should be in full swing and striped bass should be around for a while into June as long as we don't get 90 degree days pushing the stripers out of the river.

  3. In late May and June we will be opening up both split trips for Stripers and Snakeheads and Flatheads and Stripers. These should great well round trips with chance of action through the morning and or evening.

  4. Late June through September we switch gears to individual species trips of Flatheads, snakehead, and smallmouth bass. I will be keeping the boat in the water down south where there are not a lot of smallmouth so if you want to book a trip please call me so I can haul the boat out of the water and put it on the trailer. There may be times that decline to do so, so please call to arrange.

  5. September to December we will be offering Smallmouth Bass fishing, flathead fishing, snake head fishing, and hold over schoolie striped bass.

Last year with losing a month to covid we put over 656 striped bass on the boat in less than 2 months of fishing. So if you got the itch and went to get some striper slime on you, you are in the right place!