Flat Head Catfishing

Explore Flathead Cat fishing on the Delaware River

Late May through late October

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Flathead Catfish

Flathead catfish can grow to beyond 50 lbs. The Delaware River first started seeing flatheads 10 plus years ago and since then their numbers and sizes have grown exponentially.

About this trip:

  • 4 hour trip, $375

  • 2 anglers, 3rd extra $75

  • Tackle and equipment provided

  • Great for all experience levels

  • Nighttime fishing

  • Live Bait fishing

Fishing Licenses

Fishing the Delaware River either a Pennsylvania or a New Jersey License will work for the Delaware River. You can typically buy a single day, multi-day or yearly fishing license at your local tackle shop, sporting goods store or Walmart. New Jersey offers online license and Pennsylvania licensing

NJ Buddy License can save you and your buddy some money NJ Buddy License

Note: Snakeheads and Flatheads Read

To maximize your fishing experience I would reccomend having both a New jersy and Pennsylvania fishing license. This will give us the flexibility to up creeks and other cuts that are off the main steam of the Delaware River that a single license may not cover. If you bring a Pennsylvania license only we can only fish the Pennsylvania waters, same is true with New Jersey License

What Bring

A fishing license New Jersey or Pennsylvania (see Licensing section for more details)

Flathead cat fishing goes well into the night. The nights can be warm or chily depending on season. You may need to bring bug repellent to keep those pesky mosquitoes.

Bring food and drinks for yourselves.

Check the weather and bring rain gear if rain is in the forcast.

What to Wear

  • Dress in layers it is always cooler on the water

  • Bring Sunglasses, not just for sun protections for your eyes!

  • Sunscreen if needed

  • A hat

  • Rain Gear if rain is in the forecast

  • Wind breaker if no rain is in the forecast

  • Gloves if its cold

  • Boots to keep your feet warm


We are very fair and honest and we want you to go fishing and catch fish

but I need to protect my business and the available slots, if I book the slot I will return your deposit. .

What happens if it rains?

  • Most likely we are fishing

  • We will not fish in torrential rain

  • We will not fish in lighting storms

What happens if a lighting storm is in the forecast?

  • It is at the captain's discretion to either fish or postpone the trip

  • In the spring and summer storms move through quickly and we can be fishing with little interruption

  • After and during rain can be the best fishing

What happens if the river is blown out from rain?

  • If the river is muddy or blown out the captain will decide to fish or postpone

  • A plugging trip can turn into a bait trip

  • A shad trip can turn into a striper trip using bait

  • A spring trip and turn into a summer trip

Deposit Policy

We are very fair and honest, and we want you to go fishing and catch fish but I need to protect my business and the available slots, if I book the slot, I will return your deposit.

Every Trip requires a $100 deposit regardless if you have fished with us in the past or not. We have a strict policy to only hold fishing dates with paid deposits. During the spring we refuse customers that could have filled your spot.

What happens if I need to cancel a trip?

  • Cancelation 16 or more days, full refund

  • On and within the 15 days deposit is forfeited

  • If I can fill the trip time slot, I will return your deposit

  • Deposits can take up 60 days for returns.