Delaware River Smallmouth Bass Trips

Bucks county's number one fishing specialist. 

learn, fish, grow

Species you can catch from May-September: Smallmouth bass, Striped bass, catfish, walleye
Guided float trips and anchor trips
for Smallmouth Bass

Bass Chaser Smallmouth Bass Service will guide you to all the honey holes giving you the opportunity to catch 30+ fish a day. Learn how to find bait, fish jigs, throw plugs, wet wade, and master the float rig. This is not just a fishing trip its an adventure. Plenty of beautiful scenery and wild life like American bald eagle, great blue hereon, ospreys and much more.

Smallmouth bass wet wading

Get two of you best fishing buddies and get ready for a great day on the water. For $100 Bass Chaser's Smallmouth Guide Service will drop you off in 4 different locations though out the day. Basically for $33.33 person you can fish we you never could before.

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