Light Tackle Striped Bass

Following the fish back down river

June Schoolie Striper Season

Save $50 on 2 Hour or 3 Hour Plugging Trips

(Select the 2 or 3 hour plugging trip, pay in full and the discount is applied after the trip is paid in full.)

Striped bass fishing continues to June with some exciting action for anglers of all experience levels. The end of May through June is an excellent time for anglers to sharpen their skills will having what could be some of the best fishing they have ever had. We offer trips using live bait, trolling, and throwing artificials. As we get into May we start down sizing our tackle and rods and in June we are using light tackle as we follow the bass back down river to towards the ocean.

Delaware River Striped Bass fishing in June

Live Bait

No Experience Needed

June Striped Bass Delaware River

Artificial Lures

Moderate Level of Experience

Delaware River Trolling for Striped Bass


No Experience Needed

Also Available From Mid-June through Summer

Snakehead Trips

2 hour trips are just enough to target the tide and get back in the skinny water where snakeheads live fishing 1-2 locations or fishing the pads that line banks. Snakeheads are topwater smashing, teeth thrashing, agressive fish not native to the Delaware River water shed. The Delaware River first started seeing Sankeheads 12 plus years ago and since then their numbers and sizes have grown exponentially.

About this trip:

  • 2-4 hour trips available

  • Tackle and equipment

  • Great for mid-entry level to advanced

  • Light Tackle Fishing

  • Bi-Catch Largemouth and Smallmouth

  • Save up to $50 on a 4 hour trip and $25 on a 3 hour trip

Flathead Trips

Flathead catfish can grow to beyond 50 lbs. The Delaware River first started seeing flatheads 10 plus years ago and since then their numbers and sizes have grown exponentially.

About this trip:

  • 4 hour trip, $375

  • 2 anglers

  • Tackle and equipment provided

  • Great for all experience levels

  • Night time, early morning or daytime fishing

  • Live Bait fishing

  • Save up to $50 on your trip when paid in full