Delaware River Fishing Report

Post date: Apr 30, 2019 3:10:52 PM

Last few weeks has been steady fishing with Striped Bass up to 25 pounds. The American Shad bite was great with lots of bigger fish. Rain moved in the area and has made Shad fishing tougher, schools have moved north. We seem to be in a big gap of schools right now. By the time you read this the gap should be closed and back on to the larger fish. 

This week a cold front pushed through and has continued to linger. It is causing the both Stripers and American Shad to very fussy. The water temperature of the Delaware River has dropped from 59 to 51 degrees which is a huge contributing factor to way the stripers and shad have basically shut mouth syndrome.The forecast as of now is calling for more rain this week, looking like it will be spread out through the days so it shouldn't be too much concern with raising water levels but you never know this tike of year. two weeks ago they called for 3 inches of rain and we may have gotten .3 inches on the lower end of the the river. The upper section from Easton and above got destroyed. The lower section of the Delaware River stayed 100% fishable until 4 days later when the water from up north came down just in time for the American Shad tournament. The Catfish bite has been strong with over 60 cat fish caught over 10 pounds, the biggest being 15 lbs. 

So heres the outlook, plenty of fish to south and into the the Bucks County area, the water is will warm up. fishing will go well into June as we move up the river with the bass. Early morning split Striper and smallmouth will probably be great action into early July.

I have 2 hour week nights available for Striper Fishing open from May and June this should hitting it just right. These are two person trips only and you must know how to cast and retrieve lures. 

May Striped Bass




Open Weekend Dates (Am starts 5:30-6:00 am)

May Striped Bass

25 AM

26 PM

June Striped Bass

1 PM

2 AM, PM

8 AM, PM

9 AM, PM

Mid to late June is open for Stripers, Stripers and Smallmouth 

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