2023 Delaware River Fishing Report

2023 Delaware River Fishing Report 

Welcome to the 2023 fishing report page. We will cover Smallmouth bass, Striped bass, Walleye, Snalkeheads, Flatheads, Channel cats, and just about everything thsat can be caught on the Delaware River. 

May 29th Striped Bass Report

I have not kept up with reports at all. Basically this was the second best year on record for size, quality and quantity. Schoolie season is in full swing on the north and the south end of the river. Deeper holes are holding the fish. 

Snakeheads are biting and boy are they big this time of year. 

April 28th Striped Bass Report

Last two weeks has been solid action. Major rain event coming will change things in and last spwan moon of the season will close out with a wall of mud coming down the river disrupting fidhing for a few days but should be great for fishing if you know where to look. Striper trips will continue into June, dont miss out, book now. 

April 14th Striped Bass Report

Fishing is solid once you get away from all the traffic. I was going away for most of MAY and those plans have changed, so there is a lot of trips open as of today for May. Stripers, stripers and snakehead split trips. 

April 5th Striped Bass Report

Im not going to go deep into the fishing. First Striped bass was caught March 18th and since then a lot more caught. This year we are back to be very quite because of all the pressure it brings, no pictures, no details. all you need to know is its go time. Book now on the website  or email me but Im jusyt going yell you to book online, all the open dates are available in real-time.

March 2nd Delaware River Fishing Report

Fishing for striped bass in the Delaware River can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Striped bass, also known as "stripers," are a highly prized game fish that can be found in the Delaware River from early spring through late fall. In this blog, we will explore some tips and techniques for fishing for striped bass in the Delaware River.

Timing is crucial when fishing for striped bass in the Delaware River. Striped bass migrate upriver from the ocean in the spring to spawn, and then make their way back downriver in the fall. The best time to fish for striped bass is during the spring and fall migrations. During these times, striped bass will be more active and feeding aggressively, making them more likely to take your bait.

Knowing the Delaware River is essential when fishing for striped bass. Look for areas with structure, such as deep holes, submerged rocks, and drop-offs. These areas provide cover and ambush points for striped bass, making them prime locations for fishing. It's also essential to know the river's tides, as tidal currents can impact striped bass behavior and feeding patterns.

The right bait and lures can make all the difference when fishing for striped bass in the Delaware River. Live bait, such as , eels and bloodworms, can be highly effective. 

Using the right equipment can make fishing for striped bass in the Delaware River more comfortable and more productive. Use a medium-heavy rod and reel with a strong, abrasion-resistant line. Striped bass are strong fish and can put up a fight, so having the right equipment will help you land them successfully.

Striped bass populations in the Delaware River have declined in recent years, and it's essential to practice catch-and-release to help ensure the species' sustainability. Handle the fish gently and release them back into the water as quickly as possible.

In conclusion, fishing for striped bass in the Delaware River can be a thrilling experience. With the right timing, knowledge of the river, bait and lures, equipment, and a commitment to catch-and-release, you can enjoy a successful day on the water and help protect this incredible species for future generations of anglers to enjoy.

March 1st Depsoit Policy Update

Please read the updated deposit policy https://www.delawareriverbass.com/Delaware-River-fishing-guide-service/deposit-Policy 

Due to the influx of Cancellations which I attribute to people digging for information and locations rather than actually wanting to do a trip our cancellation ploicy has now extend out to 21 days before your trip for a full refund, and after 21 days 1 rebooking by the customer. 

February 26th Delaware River Fishing Report

Warm January, warm first half of February, and prediction of 20-30 degree nights with highs in the mid 50's. This is the waiting period, daiseys are poking through, trees had buds, some plants flowered but these are all false signs, sure the water was running warm all winter but as of last week we where 2 degrees variance from last year and now we are with in a degree with a settle Cold front (normal weather for this time of year) sitting over the region. 

Sit tight the fish are coming, we had success way south almost by the salt line so the fish or at least bay are ready.

The Smallmouth and walleye bite has been pretty darn good though out 2022 into 2023, this colder weather will slow down both bites but March is typically the best month for walleyes regaurdless of the winters and the smallmouth will be fat and on fire for the April spawn cycle. 

Channel cats and Flatheads are all stacked up in few deep holes, I was able to jig up yes jig up a flathead last week. To my knowlwdge I am the only person that targets flatheads in this manor. I'm sure it will be all over soon similar to during my chucnking years I was the only person chunking both American Shad and Gizzard shad now everyone is doing it. Partially because of the cost of blood worms and partially be cause fished correctly (in long strips) they out fish blood worms.

Largemouth bass and pickrel bite in the lakes and ponds was pretty darn good durning the after the 3 day 60 degree warm up period, that has slowed down now.

The River spawners like suckers and carp have not made their way in masses into the feeder creeks, this can be one of the first indiactors of an early spring. 

Musky, there large muskies are in the coves and big eddys of the feed creek out flows staging for the fish to spawn, they know something about to happen.

February 17th Delaware River Fishing Report

Everyone has the itch with the weather being so mild. You have a right to have the itch but you are much better off fishing for fish that live here rather than migratory fish that come to spawn like the American shad and Striped bass. 

The Shad and Stripers are on their way, no doubt about that but from where? The bay fish will be here in no time, the fish in VIrgina and North Carolina are sitting on some hefty amount of bunkers and they not going leave them. So unitl the bunker schools move the ocean fish wont abandon them. Now if a school of herring or shad go by they will leave the bunkers and chase the herring and or shad right into the rivers. 

Is the water warming up like the warm days makes us think?

Lets look at this. Warm days are great for people but the nights are still cooler and some darn right cold. We had the warmest 3 day stretch right now as I right this with days in the mid 60's and warm rain. Warm rains are a major driver of the water warming up early as is warm wind, but what always trumps warm days, wind, and rain is cold nights. Cold nights can drain the 4 degree warm up over 3 days and take another 2-3 degrees with it, so essentially you are down 7 degrees. 

Fear not we have more days in the 60's coming in February, these mild winters remind me of the 10 year pattern we had warm winters in the 2000's.

So wheres the water temperature compared to last year?

Pretty damn close!