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Delaware River Spring 2022 Outlook 

March 1st, Delaware River is 39 degrees, water flow is about 17k and the Walleye are biting. Next week we will see a hug jump in daytime tempertures, 76 degrees on Monday, warm rains the day before and all week warmer nights in the 40's and day time temperatures bouncing around from low 60's to 40's. In the early season the day time temperature have very little long term effect on the water temperature. A couple degree warm up only to lose it the gains at night. When the warm days are coupled with evening warm than the river temperature like we will see next week is when you see the Delaware River experience a steady temperature rise that is sustainable. 

Spring 2022 is lloking on paper like one of the springs we use to have. Shad will be in the River biting by mid-march, Striped bass will be active shortly after that, Snakeheads will come out of heading, and flatheads will start eating. As of now this will be an early spring and the fishing will get good quick barring winter does not show up again. Striper anglers on the south and middle section will see big stripers before March is over . April will unlease the tip of the spear of stripers and the herring will be in the river by mid April. 

I am putting the boat next weekend and I will start striper fishing no later than March 15th. In years past the biggest fish were always caught in March and this may be the same as the those years. If you havent booked a trip now is the time to do it, I will be running very very limited trips. A call in April or May to me may mean that you will not be fishing with me this year. 


Snakeheads are in the river and they are fun. Their population have grown in large numbers. These are trips you do not want to miss!