How to Catch Striped Bass in the Delaware River, Part 4 Location

Post date: Feb 18, 2015 11:42:24 PM

Welcome back to How to Catch Striped Bass in the Delaware River. Now that we have gone over some basic information on why the striped bass come up the river and what kind of tackle to use for them when fishing bait. Lets get into where to find the elusive striped bass. Stripers are a like most fish, they key on structure. To a largemouth bass fishermen structure means trees, stumps, pads, or any place a bass can ambush their prey. This partially can be applied to the habits of a striped bass. For this particular article I will be focusing on the slower lower Delaware River. I will cover the upper Delaware River in other articles.

The Delaware River varies in depth greatly. In the center of the river it is maintain by the U.S.C.G. and keep from 30-45 foot depth and just off the channel it can be 5 foot deep. The average depth of the river not including the channel is about 15 feet deep. I am going to break down the river into 4 different structures to key in on. 

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