Delaware river Fishing report weekly Wrap up

Post date: Apr 20, 2015 6:40:35 PM

Fished all week waiting for the massive school that has been hanging around the airport to move up. Every day is getting better with more and more fishing being caught up to forty pounds. Heres the Weekly wrap up, some trips were absolutely dynamite catching 44 shad, 10 shad, 5 shad, 6 bass, 1 bass, 3 bass, 10 bass, and tons of cat fish up to 25 lbs. others trips the weather was windy, hot, or just to many boats running around putting the fish down. Today I canceled a trip due to weather which was a huge mistake, the forecast was nothing like it was suppose to be, the weather man is always wrong! It only rained over night and cleared by 10 am. The warm rain must of totally turned them cause a buddy and me sat on the river and lit up slot fish 21-25 inches and caught a handful of big bass up to 20 pounds. We lost two fish that may have been bigger. All I know is things are starting to turn around in this cold year. It is a very late start normally we would be steadily mugging fish the second and third week of April.