How to catch striped bass in the Delaware River : Part 1 Introduction

Post date: Feb 17, 2015 3:35:08 AM

I receive a lot of phone calls and emails about how to effectively catch striped bass or stripers on the Delaware River. So I decided that I will write a multi piece article that will cover the basics of striper fishing the river from the banks as well as by boat. We will cover tackle, equipment, and bait selection for the time of year. Then we will jump into boating tactics, where to fish, how to position the boat, and how to anchor in both fast rocky water and the slower lower. I'll take care of the shore anglers by provide an in-depth look at picking the right spot, tides, and bait presentation. 

From there I will let you in on some trade secrets that I have accumulated over the 28 years of fishing the Delaware River both for fun and professionally. Each year, you face different adversities on the river from water conditions, weather, and migration patterns. I will help put together a game plan that will allow you to repeat your success time after time. Every year we land 300-500 stripers per year and it all boils down to a systematic approach that is applied against data, if you not keeping a log your need to start. I have over 8 years of water temperature, water clarity, weather conditions, catch reports with detailed info, and barometric pressure. With this information you can almost predict where and when the fish will bite. 

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Tight lines and Heavy Nets

Captain Karl