Delaware River Smallmouth bass, best it's going to get

Post date: Aug 26, 2015 4:06:58 PM

The bite on the Delaware River is anything but slow. No matter what we throw, where we throw it, and the color we have been finding those bronze backs and in decent numbers. Picking up three, four, five bass in 7 cast in some areas. The key is finding nice pockets  covering a ton of ground find the fish, the drift and search method has been producing the most fish. On the other hand working some areas very throughly while anchored has produce some of the largest fish all year. 

We also have been finding and fishing under, over, and with the Shad, some days it's absolutely nuts catch 5-10 bass out of a school of Shad before moving to the next school. Keys have been throwing swim jigs, Shad baits, swimming plugs, and top water plugs. 

Fishing the Shad is never a garrentee, it can sometimes be wild goose chase. We may end up looking for the Shad first then we might have to find a school of Shad with bass on them. Just because the Shad are around doesn't mean the bass are on them.