Smallmouth fishing, Epic

Post date: Jul 23, 2017 11:48:50 PM

Smallmouth bass fishing has been absolutely amazing. You gotta beat the heat, get in the water cool off, and keep moving. I have been out every weekend and we have been catching 15, 30, 45, and 60 fish. Skill level definitely helps to put up numbers but it is not necessary to have fun.

Early in the season with the water a little colder and water up the smallmouth bass were short biting but still catching good numbers. as the summer warms up the river the smallmouth need to eat more and more. Their metabolism burns the food so quickly they need to constantly feed which makes this the absolute best time to fish for smallmouth bass. To date, we have caught over a handful of bass almost 5 lbs, 17 4lb, plenty of 3 lbs, and who knows how many 2 lbs. 

You will not have action, like this in the fall, some days you get some really nice fish in the fall but we do the same with a steady bite in the summer. Fun fished with my uncle for 4 hours and caught over 60 smallmouth bass and jumped almost the same amount. Now we are very skilled at what we do but you will never see a day like that in the fall unless you're lucky enough to get on the shad bite with me. The shad bite is almost like a secretive thing I do, it's so good I don't even want to take anyone out.