Warm rain Brings the Delaware River up 5 Degrees

Post date: Mar 11, 2015 4:56:05 PM

If your anything like me you got cabin fever, the nice weather is a tease.The only solution is to get out fishing. I have been dealing the with my cabin fever by working on the boat adding some nice LED lights for night fishing, re-spooling reels, organizing tackle, making jigs and spoons, and pouring my new 7 inch soft bait herring imitation. 

Lets get to the nitty gritty. The upper section of Delaware River in Bucks County is 90% ice free. Some banks facing north, slower water at bends, and of course the boat ramps are still iced in, this is good believe it or not. The water temperature has risen up to 36 degrees after two beautiful days and a night of warm rain. With a warm week ahead of us, a couple days in the 60's, and a heavy dose of warm rain on Saturday will bring the river up to 42 degrees or even more. The key is the nights staying warm over 40 degrees. I am positive next week the first fish will fall to my net.

Snap shot of the water temperature was taken from 10:00 am today March 11th, By now its probably 38-39 degrees.

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Delaware River Water Temperature