Bassy and shady

Post date: Apr 22, 2014 1:08:42 AM

Stripers and Shad

Fish this weekend though some muddy and cold winds. Sat. started out catch shad but not many at all. Switch gears to Stripers caught a catch fish. Change plans on the second trip and headed to the lower river, we caught plenty of slot fish but no Keepers. Sunday the Wind was a cold morning wind north wind in our face with the sunny teasing us in the clouds. Not a shad to be found, we had one striper run off. once again we change gears and on my second trip headed to the lower river, return to the spot from yesterday and only pulled a small bass out of it. Picked up and moved 6 times caught some more smaller fish. 

Today I return to that spot and caught 33 inch fish 15lbs and had two run offs. We decide at the bottom of the tide to head to Trenton. When we first put are line in I could no keep them in. The shad wolf packed us. At one point we only had on rod in. We caught double digit shad and lost more. I think there are at least 7 shad with lip rings swimming around. 

Well I hate north winds and high pressures system like Sunday. Someone was pissed I was working on Easter. Today was blast and constant action.