Delaware River Fishing Report

Delaware River Fishing Report for Striped bass aka Stripers, American Shad, Smallmouth Bass, Flatheads Catfish, Snakeheads and other Species. We report specifically on the Philadelphia Bucks County, Mercer County, Hunterdon Country areas. We provide guided fishing trips on the Delaware river.

one more snow, this a great thing for spring fishing. Snowpack across the Delaware River Area, when melting in the spring keeps the water a cooler consistent temperatures and even water levels.

Some of the best Migatory years for the American Shad and Striped Bass are the snowy years with a clear transition into spring.

Spring trips start based on the water temperature but to put a date to it March 15th -April 1st, from there it’s wide open fishing.

1. American Shad Trips

2. Striped Bass Trips 

3. Combo trips Striper and Shad

One of the unique things we do is offer the ability to target multiple species in a single trip. No else on the river can provide a fishing experience in the heart of two MAJOR migratory runs. We do, we also can provide Snakeheads trips and Flathead trips all within the same area.