Happy 10th Birthday Annabel the shad tamer and protector

Post date: Apr 13, 2014 12:43:21 AM

   Great week this week. the Highlight was today fishing with Curt and All-star birthday girl Annabel. Annabel was treated to a surprise fishing trip for her birthday and the weather was on her side. We focused mainly on shad. I think the count was 17 shad, 2 break offs, too many short strikes and 3 catfish the biggest being in the 12-15 lbs leaning more towards 15 lbs. The Shad were top notch caliber bucks weighing up to six pounds and a few hefty roes weighing as much maybe heavier. Seems to be a real health stock this year. Can't wait to the Roes move though heavy. 

    So heres where it gets good, the birthday girl stormed in to action to out fish Step-dad Curt and she blew me away stepping up the plate and fighting these fish by herself in the heavy current. Only needing assistance once or twice from Curt. By the end of the day she mastered the Shad dance, learn how to beat everyone to the rods, and even cleared lines for me when Curt was battling. A+ Fisher women!

Happy Birthday Annabel!