Delaware River Fishing Report

Delaware River Fishing Report for Striped bass aka Stripers, American Shad, Smallmouth Bass, Flatheads Catfish, Snakeheads and other Species. We report specifically on the Philadelphia Bucks County, Mercer County, Hunterdon Country areas. We provide guided fishing trips on the Delaware river.

All I can say is WOW. April has brought a lot of big striped bass to the Delaware River. There a good amount of 40 plus pound fish making their way into the Delaware. If things keep up they way they are going the big fish will be GONE after the spawn moon in April. I'm not saying there wont be big striped bass left but the majority of the big striped bass will leave the river.

Every trip I have been on since recent we have caught some nice striped bass and multiple fish. I have been very quite because it is very crowded as of lately and this is the during the weekdays and off hours. A continuation of last year with no one working?? 

Having said that here's your report. Striped bass are all over the Delaware River, with a big fish in March being caught and a alot more in the beginning of April. This is the first normal spring year we have had since 2014. Shad are all over the place, you can catch 10-70 fish a trip depending how hard you want to work and how long you want to sit. Back to the striped bass, they are all over as I stated before BUT the south has shined with some amazing catches of some mega bass. 

I personally havent targeted the big big fish in years, I don't think it helps the nursery or the spawing fish. Who knows what the stress does to these fish, if the eggs drop prematurely or if nothing happens. Either way the spring is not the time to target trophy fish unless you are not concerned about the fishery. Maryland has seen the large pressure put on theitr fishery and the state has closed it completly. I do think if things keep moving the way they are moving we will shut down. 

One reason you will not see a lot of pictures from me is because people have zero resepect, when you are on my boat and we take pictures please be very careful where you post them. I don't want to have to ban pictures but the next trip I have it would be great to not have 14 boats called to the scene because of a post. 

We will be avoiding ALL and ANY CUT BAIT trips in MAY

Tight Lines,

                   Captian Karl