Spring Season is Just Ahead.

Post date: Jan 28, 2019 10:23:17 PM

The spring season on the Delaware River is just ahead. Book before march 1st and save $25 book, book a smallmouth trip as a second trip from June 15th on and save $50 on the smallmouth trip.

What to expect?


This means crazy American shad action and big few striped bass bites per day. Shad fishing is one the best activities for all ages and skill level. They fight hard, jump and when you get wolf packed the action is absolutely insane! Stripers will follow shortly after the shad have entered the river providing great action early season doing split trips. Whats a split trip? Fishing half the time for shad then going after stripers!


Once the water warms up and the bass become active enough to chase plugs the pigs are the first on the scene. Normal years this would happen in March, but with the cold pattern the last two years we have seen it later into the first week of April. For the Delaware River the name of the game is always water temperature, it dictates 80% of the fishing activity. Late year, cold water, early year warm water. Not sure what's going to happen. Then the herring move in, which is good and bad. Too many herring makes it tough to trick fish, not enough herring and the bass will not hold still, they will continue north in their search for food and spawning. April use to be the month to end all months. This is when the fish would be in full force and typically bigger fish in the 20-45 lb range. 


What to say about May, boy record days were had in May the last three years leading to a week of over 50 fish per trip to a recording breaking 76 fish in a six hour trip, we left them snapping! If we spent all day on them it would have been a 150 fish day easily. 


June is a great time! Fish move up the river into some wild places, numbers are generally strong but smaller fish up to 33 inches. Striper fishing starts too taper out by Fathers day. Early mornings become mandatory because they shut down once the heat is on. 


July some bass are around but you have to fish late nights and early morning, no consistency but some pigs still hiding. 


Early trips like 5:30 am when the weather is hot helps, evening trips turn on when the sun drops. Cold weather is the opposite, if its cold and water is cold when the sun comes up it helps. Rain is one of the best times to fish, not down pours or lighting. but a nice light rain can do wonders! The tides play a factor but you can never associate one tide as the negative or bad tide. Simply put sometimes its a high tide bite for weeks on hand and sometimes a low tide bite and sometimes they always bite no matter the tide.