Fantastic Fishing

Post date: Sep 1, 2015 4:13:09 PM

All this week has provide some fantastic fishing.

Monday we caught about 29 fish with some big fish mixed in.

Tuesday was another day for the books catching plenty of fish well over 30 of them.

Thursday we topped off with over 36 fish

Thursday night was a banner two hour trip catching over 40 fish under the shad with some real pigs mixed in.

Friday we were back at it crushing fish!!!

Saturday morning we caught 24 smallmouth before we switch over to catfish landing 4 fish over 9 lbs and one 15 lbs fish

Saturday Afternoon we add another 32 fish 

Sunday we caught about 17 fish (fly fishing)

Monday on a two hour trip we caught about 20 fish under the shad.

Excellent fishing and its just getting better.