Warm May and Spawning moon

Post date: May 4, 2015 12:09:55 AM

The Delaware River has hit the 60 degree mark, 2 degrees past spawning and with a full-moon don't expect to much action on the big fish. They will be pre-occupied with the spawning. After the spawn some will head north from the florence area but most will be on the way out. Fish the lower river to intersect this fish. The smaller fish under 40 inches will be hanging around for a few more weeks to feed on the herring that just arrived in the river a week ago. The fishing in the lower river down from the Philly bridges up to the bend has been the most consistent but not explosive. After the spawn and warm water expect a surge in small fish then the medium size fish to follow. Last year April 25 was when the flood gates open and the first week of May in the lower river was full of slot fish and larger bass mixed in. 

The artificial bite has been very good for those who know how and where to fish for the bass. It will keep getting better and better. Working the banks of the slow section rather then Trenton will produce more fish and bigger ones. If I was to fish from land throwing plugs I would focus on where all the bait fishermen fish or click here to learn where. I want to thank everyone who has been losing lures, with the clean water I found 5 swimmers and 6 poppers. 

The American Shad bite is still a steady pick tapering off towards mid to late day. We have not had the huge push like the past few years. A lot more bucks than roe's which generally means its about to begin but its a very very odd year. 15 fish is a great day and 10 is ok, years past minimum 40 fish days with triple headers. We have had a few doubles but not triples or quads. The hickory shad have not shown up this year, who knows if thats an indication of a late run or a bad stock. Something got me thinking the nets boats wiped out the American and the Hickory. 

Heres the tip of the week: Trenton to New Hope there are more fishermen than fish, fish the south. Well enjoy the weather and go catch fish and if your tied of not catching then give me a call. 

Night time Plugging trips and early mornings. Learn, Catch, and Master the river!