Like the tide it goes up and down.

Post date: Apr 20, 2014 12:30:01 AM

This week was a great week all things considered. Over 35 bass caught this week, over 100 shad and tons and kitty cats. Some trips were better than other. For instance Friday was a tough day fishing with the cold morning, 36 degrees. We were after 30 lbs fish at the TP bridge. Some fish cooperated in the after noon but the bite didn't materialize till after the trip. Today (Saturday) we got some shad in the muddy water on my first trip, no clue how they saw my spoons. Big fat cat fish were caught and a big bass run off. Tonight, part 2 of my double header weekend was pretty epic for the the dad and his two sons, targeting striped bass. We caught three handfuls of fish, mostly slots and tad short. Never found the bigs, but steady excitement and rod bending action. The bite is just going to get better and better. Shad will start to thin out when the water reaches 60, about 7 months the way this spring has been. But I think they will hang out till second week of may. The bass, well its just starting and I am super excite!

Capt. Karl

Tight lines

Have a great easter, I be on water with another double header.