SmallMouth Bass Fishing on the Delaware River

Post date: Jun 8, 2015 12:44:50 PM

AM Trip Smallmouth Bass Trip:

The morning trip 6 hours started out with a bang even in the adverse muddy water cold 62 degree water catching a 22 inch walleye, hand full of smallmouth and 7 stripers before 9:00. By the end of the day we land 20 some odd fish including 15 smallmouth, jumped off another 7 smallies and had another 15 shy tail bites. 

PM Smallmouth Bass Trip:

The afternoon trip the water started to clear, but the boat traffic and wind was on us pretty bad to start, both gave way to some calm conditions mid way through the trip. We landed another nice walleye 21 inches about 4-5 pounds and steady picked at 12 smallmouth bass out of the river.

Captain's Advice, 

Smallmouth fishing is everything you make of it, I will put in in the spots that you have the best chance to catch fish and continually move around to find those fish I will pull the anchor and move the boat 50 times if I have too and I will also run 7 miles to a new spot. In return if you want to catch fish you need to put that small effort into casting, working the lure, and listening to my instructions on the boat. Somedays a 10 foot cast is not going to cut, casting into the same up stream rock and snagging every third cast doesn't catch fish, and not taking care of the equipment causing massive line tangles, broken tips, and lost fish will never help. Having said that I am all about helping and teaching someone who wants to learn how to fish become a better fishermen.

I will be making some short videos with some tips and techniques to help people prepare for their up coming trips.

Tight Lines and Heavy Nets,

Captain Karl