Shady with a chance of stripers

Post date: Apr 15, 2014 2:08:47 PM

Went out today with Chip and Charlie. Another trip with a very eager young fishermen. Charlie seems to be fishing at an advance level for his age. He was able to handle the Roe shad we came across in the swift low moon phase current. Today we caught 17 shad, one made use pull the anchor and chase her down river after stealing almost 60 yards of line. When we finally landed the beast of a shad it was 22 inches 7-8 lbs. We had a lot of fish mixed in that where a lot larger then the previous days. The cat fish bite is always on, but we did find a 36 inch 20 lbs striper that was faster than the cat fish. The video is below. I will not post pictures of where I am anymore do to the high volume of people who like to steal spots.