Fall Fishing Trips

Save up to $125 off selected trips

Flash sales limited time only, ending soon!

Best method to het a hold of me is text or email.

215-840-3093 or jr@delawareriverbass.com

Delaware River Snakehead

Snake Heads

3 hour trips are $125 off

Never Caught a Snakehead? Knock it off your bucket list!

Flat Heads

$75 of Flathead Trips

Get ready to hunt and battle the true river moster of the delaware river.

Schoolie Stripers

Fun morning actions on schoolie stripers. Available through July and back in the fall months

Largemouth Bass

Looking to do some large mouth bass fishing, the delaware river can put your skills to the test.

Channel Cats

Cut bait fishing for Channel Cats

Smallmouth Bass

Text for Avaiability