Spring is about to be sprung.

Post date: Mar 7, 2019 3:51:44 PM

Hopefully this is the last weather channel post but it looks like it will be a normal spring. First shad will be caught by Friday the 22nd.

Fishing reports from my guys in Delaware will be my first indication of bass moving up. I know schools have been spotted heading north along the MD coast for 2 weeks now. What I don’t know is who’s fish they are, Hudson, Delaware or Chesapeake? Fish following bunker can lead them out of the way sometimes. For instances the Stripers I have tagged have been caught two weeks later south at Indian River. It seems when our run is over IR lights up for a week or two then the fish head north sometimes stopping off in the Hudson River where at least 10 freshly tagged fish have been reported. 

In any case I think we can stop thinking about winter in the next two days.