How to Catch American Shad on the Delaware River: Part 3 Location

Post date: Apr 2, 2015 6:28:26 PM

Fishing for the American shad can be difficult to find the right spot, being off 5 feet can put you out of the strike zone. You will have to adjust your anchoring several times before you find where you want to be. After you have dialed in your position take land references so you will be able to slide into your same spot over and over. Be very respectful of where you anchor in relation to another boat. Anchoring next to some one is polite compared to right behind some one. Give the boat next to you 20-30 feet so you won't have any issues with tangling. Anchoring behind or ahead of someone can be very dangerous if one of your anchor pulls. The last thing you want to do is put your motor in their bow or vice versa. I have seen boats lose their anchor and hit other boat. I have seen this cause boats to capsize and at the least heated words to be exchange. If you anchor behind some one give them 50-70 feet. 

I will reveal my top 8 spots to fish for American Shad on the Delaware River with map images of where to anchor. These are the most consistent spots in my opinion of 25 plus years of shad fishing. All are located close to ramps but you may need a jet drive to access some of them. 

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