Spring is HERE! Are you ready?

Post date: Mar 9, 2019 10:56:19 PM

For weeks we have heard the birds, I have been making tackle spending way too much money on fishing gear. That all leads me to the conclusion that spring is here. Today's weather and the forecast being in the 60's with a day at 68 degrees confirms my thoughts.

If this spring shapes up the way it looks like it will, the this is going be an early start or rather back to the normal starting dates. Fish will come into the river school after school and hang out instead for a while instead of one big school coming in late and going quick. I'm hoping we have a mild spring, not too cold not too hot. Those mild spring years always bring in the pigs and they stay for weeks. 

Today was the first day working on the boat since she went into winter hibernation, she fired right up. Well after I had to put $200 of simple parts. Had been a car  it would have been $40, but since its a boat well you know, they got ya. I plan on running it this week and do some preliminary fishing. Some new upgrades, 7 inch Side Scan and Down Imaging unit will be going on, last year we upgraded HP on the motor, new casting deck in the back, 25-gallon fuel tank went in, and thinking about paint job but damn its a fishing boat And it will be covered blood anyways.

I put the bigger tank for a few reasons. 1, on longer trips I can run from Yardley to New Hope and back and still have fuel to spare. 2, I always hate hitting the gas station 3-5 times a weekend, normal lengths trips I should be able to get 4 done and still have fuel under the deck. 3, the weight in the back helps the boat running but not the  floating, Ill end up getting float pods so I go back to my skinny water drifting on the Delaware River. 

I'm thinking about putting together a few Instructional prep videos for clients, intended for them to be watched prior to getting on the boat. The topics would be, how to read the rocks, where to cast, how to cast and how not to cast on the boat, etc. Basically everything I go through every trip with clients before we actually get to fishing. .