Delaware River Guided Fishing

Delaware River Guided Fishing Trips

Why Choose Bass Chasers Fishing Guide Service

Bass Chaser fishing guide service is a full service fishing guide service for the Delaware River. Bass Chasers has been in operation since 2004 fishing for Striped Bass, American Shad, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Flathead Catfish, Channel Catfish, Snakeheads and other species on the Delaware river.

As the true premier fishing guide service we have the knowledge, experience, equipment to make your fishing adventure on the Delaware River an exciting, fun, enjoyable day of fishing. With over 35 years of fishing experience and a keen ability to track down fish and identify patterns we gaurentte we will work our hardest to get you in the bite wither its striped bass or perch, we take fishing and you experience very seriously.

We offer fishing trips on the Delaware River for anglers of all skill sets, no matter if you have never fished before, you are an avid angler, or you are tring to get your daughter or son involved in fishing, we can make it happen. One of the things Capt. Karl loves about guiding on the Delaware River is being able to experience so many peoples first fish, first type of species or biggest fish, Everything that happens during the day builds the memories that last a lifetime.

What is it like fishing on the Delaware River?

Well its exciting, our 20 foot jet boat runs in 3 inches of water and we run through rock fields with boulders the size of buses. nothing to worry about, Capt. Karl is the most experienced jet boat operator on the Delaware River with over 10,000 hours of operating time on the Delaware River and the knowledte to read the water. Capt. Karl is able to get in location other guide don't dare go! Capt. Karl is a USCG licensed captian and a Pennsylvania licensed fishing guide. With the expercience Capt. Karl has obtained from on the water experience he is the only Captian to dare run some section on the Delware River in the dark.

Why Choose Bass Chaser's for you next Fishing trip?

As any one who fishes with Capt. Karl, they know that he will work as hard as possible to ensure you catch fish and have a great day on the Delaware River. Fishing is the primary objective but its important to experience the beauty of the Delaware River and the Nature that surrounds it. We frequently see bald eagles, beavers, muscrats, Falcons, and other wildlife while out fishing.

Why Choose to learn to fish from Bass Chasers?

Capt. Karl at heart loves fishing and loves to spread the knowledge and enjoyment of fishing. He can help people learn how to fish from, learning how to cast or to working a finesse bait to draw bite from the most stubborn fish. It doesnt matter you age or skill level we have a fishing a trip for you.

What sets Bass Chasers apart from other guides?

Including all the things mentioned above, no other guide has the experience, knowledgel or skill set that Capt. Karl has. Nor do they have to passion to ensure you enjoy your day and catch fish. and no other guide will work harder for you. Unlike other guides you will not see post and reports of Capt. Karl holding fish up like all the other guides. Why? Because Capt. Karl is out there for you no for himself. He there to make sure you catch fish, not for him to catch fish. Capt. Karl does cast when the fishing is slow but he will NOT reel a fish in. The rod wil be handed off immediatly to an angler, then he will explain how and why he hooked the fish so you can do the samething on the next one. Other Guides reel the fish and post a picture of themselves.

The fishing trip is all about you not Capt Karl