Delaware River Conditions and fishing report

Post date: Apr 4, 2014 8:40:57 PM

Fished for shad today briefly with some success. We faced very adverse conditions with a cold wet stiff wind and raging off color water. This was not the ideal situation  but we still put shad in the boat. The water temperature according to my machine was about 47 degrees, 1 degree away from spawning temps. With the water gauge dropping from 17 last week down to a fishable level today. Next week is going to be a great week as long as the weather stays on track. Air temperatures warmer than 55 degrees and night time air temps above 50. 

    I will be on it tomorrow with on the lower river fishing for monster bass. I have two trips an 8 hour and 4 hour trip. I wouldn't be surprised to land 30 pound fish tomorrow or even in the 40's. I'm think the key is fresh bait, large scent trials, and fishing the skinny 4-6 foot depth range. Too many people fish the deep holes they normally fish in warmer water temps., finding no success. Fish the shallows that warm up quicker in the day. Same things goes for late season, you have to find the deeper cooler holes where the fish are hiding. 

Stay tuned I will update Sunday on what happens.