UHMWNJet Intake

Top Notch CNC UHMW Outboard Jet Intake 


Major upgrade to the Boat this week!

I went to the Great American Outdoor Show yesterday and meet Todd from Top Notch CNC. I pick up the large UHMW Outboard Jet intake. The Intake is pure percesion and a work of art. It is made by from solid block of billet UHMW and CNC'd to the perfect dimension for your outboard jet pump. The one shown below is a large size fiting the large jet pumps from outboardjets.com and it mates uo to my 150/105 Yamaha. The wear collar or liner from your orginal motor drops right in perfectly. To bolt it on there only modifaction needed is using the eashers provided. You do not have to pull your studs and put longer studs in. The intake is designed to the closest dimensions as possilbe to the orginal aluminum intake. The Top Notch intake seems extra strong while being what seems to be half the weight of the OEM Outboard jet intake. The intake also has integrated fins so you can run in the choppy water or every rapids while elimanting the cavation that jets especially jet boats with tunnel hulls experience. One of the great innovations i notched is how the grill bars are secured to the intake. Instead of pressuring a rod into the intake foot that never wants to come out it uses a lock nut that is set back into the UHMW for protection with a easy pull pin on the other side. 

How does the Top Notch UHMW fit?

So far, I have not bolt her on but I have dry fit the collar and the pump house and it seems to be a perfect fit. It has the same hieght as the OEM intake so it willnot be like the russian poly versions that actually drop you intake down 2-3 inches. The intake should bolt on and be in the same position as you OEM intake. The machining is absolutely top notch and the measurements are spot on.


From everything I know and see from UHMW, this intake unit is going to be bullet proof. I have zero concerns, I will actually feel more comforatable and safe running this UHMW jet intake that I do on the OEM cast aluminum

I will have some videos coming out soon reviewing the UHMW jet intake, in the mean time, Check them out at www.topnotchcnc.com their worth every penny. 

Top Notch's Outboard Jet Intake

Outboard Jet UHMW Intake - Large

The Top Notch UHMW Outboard Jet Foot Intake provides a truly superior option over standard aluminum or molded intakes. The intake is constructed of solid virgin billet UHMW material and is precision CNC machined making it one of the strongest,most durable and virtually indestructible intakes on the water.


Includes grate bars, pins and heavy duty washers.


SIZE LARGE - 6 7/8"-7 3/8" impeller


Intakes use drop in liner